Mellissa Rempfer

“Let me be the person my dog thinks I am”. If you take anything away from being with Mellissa, it is that she LOVES people, like deep down truly loves people. It doesn’t matter what you do or how recognizable you are. If you are interesting, she is fascinated.

Mellissa is the founder of Giving Excellence which led to being the founder of the Brilliance and Business Community. Giving Excellence is a small boutique firm that devotes itself to the development of making the person and the business/non-profit to be the very best they can be. For you, for your organization, for your clients, and then through a ripple effect, the rest of the world. She takes a very holistic approach in development, combining business development and results with personal development, with an overlay of client needs and wants. In the end, a transformation occurs in the person and the business, in a way that brings more joy, fulfillment, quality of life, and of course, business growth and success.

Brilliance and Business premiered as a summit this same time last year. What started out as a summit has now grown into an global movement of changing the way people and business are growing. Using the concept of a collaborative community, Brilliance and Business brings together a wide variety of people from coaches, trainers, freelancers, to business-to-business providers, all forming a collective of entrepreneurs who are eager to grow each other’s businesses while supporting one another along the way. What started out a few months ago has led to a very active online community, as well as local chapters throughout the globe. Her vision to create a place where business owners can be supported and grow, while also making a difference in their local communities, is the heart and soul behind Brilliance and Business. We are all in this together.

Mellissa has found that when big dreams come, and people have a desire to do something that can change the world (whether it is just for a few people or more people than one can imagine), she gets super jazzed and lives for bringing the dreams to life every step of the way. For example, while attending a community college, she discovered that when it rained there was no place for students to go to stay dry or eat. A year later she led a successful campaign that resulted in a $3 million donation and a $9.8 million ongoing passive income for the new student center that was built.

Growing up in a small gold mining town of 118 people to living internationally in Scotland and London, Mellissa has seen and experienced the various lifestyles, needs, and demands around the world and locally. Holding several credentials from a Masters in Adult Education Training and Development, a Bachelors in Theatre, Credentialed and an Authorized Teacher as a Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher, and Certified Integral Coach. Each area of schooling, along with living life, enables Mellissa to offer comprehensive experience and opportunities that bring out the best in both the person and organization. The result? Long term excellence. In short, she wants to get to know who you are, and how to make you be great. Just ask her three dogs who constantly teach her what it means to be a gift to others in this world.


There is a reason why I got $3 million donated to build a building for my college before I turned 21. People, Passion, and Purpose.

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