Kim Eldredge

Best-Selling Author, Kim Eldredge is an Intuitive Ghostwriter, Story Pathfinder, and New Frontier Publisher. She specializes in helping authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs take their books from dream to reality.

She loves guiding her clients to write the book of their dreams – easily and with her tested path to beat overwhelm and writer’s block. She also works to teach the best strategies to integrate the book into an existing business, as well as using it to attract new clients.

A true adventurer, Kim loves hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and “getting grubby” in nature to unleash her creativity and stay grounded. Everything is an adventure and writing is the biggest adventure of all!

Kim graduated with Honors from the University of Arizona with a degree in Creative Writing and Spanish. Since then, she’s gone on to publish 16 books, including a #4 Amazon Best Seller on the Top 100 Books list, and is published in many other publications.



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