Christine Lewicki

Christine Lewicki is the founder of O Coaching based in Los Angeles, Author of the Bestseller ” J’arrête de râler!” aka ” I Quit Complaining {and Bitching!”  (over 200 000 copies sold in Europe), she is also a certified business coach, nomad entrepreneur with clients in the United States, Canada, Asia, and France.

Married and mother of 3 children, she leads a very active and rich life in between Los Angeles and  Europe.

Christine is recognized for her talent to lead her clients to achieve professional and personal success. Her approach is clear, vibrant and sharp.  Her passion is making sure her clients get to use their unique talents in their lives so they can contribute their best and thrive. Her mission is to help ordinary people create {extra} ordinary lives one {im} perfect action at a time.

Her work at O Coaching has received many accolades from the media, her clients, and peers. Christine has been featured on numerous telesummits, radio and TV shows. She has been interviewed on ELLE magazine, Marie Claire, Psychologies magazine as well as many other TV and radion shows.

Her clients say that “working with Christine is like switching on a light bulb that illuminate your way on the path to success.”

Christine hosts conferences and seminars several times a year in France and in the United States on the theme of “ Awaken the Entrepreneur in You”, “ Let’s Quit Complaining and Become Entrepreneurs of our Lives ” and 3-5 day retreats based on her latest book “ Wake Up!” Four Fundamental Principles to Stop Living Your Life Half Asleep!




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