Andrea Isaacs

Andrea Isaacs is an international keynote speaker, coach and trainer, and has been changing the lives of thousands of people around the world since 1994 when she created her Body Wisdom system. Her work increases emotional intelligence, and improves relationships for more happiness and greater success. Changed and inspired by working with her, people who were either afraid to fulfill their dreams or had been accused of being “too much” became inspired, motivated and had the confidence to know and manifest dreams. Using her body wisdom system, she has guided people to step out of other people’s shadows and into the light, bringing their gifts into the world.

Her collaboration with neuroscience researcher, Dario Nardi, proved that her system creates wholeness and inner peace in the brain. Work with Andrea and you will step into your brilliance and manifest what it is you’re here to do.

Her clients have said: “For the first time, I believe that I matter,” and “My inner critic has softened, and even when criticized, I maintain a deep acceptance of myself and others.” And, “My motivation and productivity have exploded since working with Andrea.” She’s been a leader in the Enneagram personality system since 1994 and was one of two women presenting at the ManKind Project’s 25th-year anniversary event. She has been teaching and coaching for over 20 years in over 20 countries, has been a keynote speaker in a dozen countries, and has been featured on numerous telesummits, including four summits with the Shift Network (two “Body Intelligence Summits” and two “Worldwide Enneagram Summits”), the “Kick Your Fear Addiction Summit,” and the “Bodies Summit.” She is the host of numerous telecalls, including: “Beyond Fear,” “Emotions Matter” and “Happy No Matter What.” She is the author of “Body Wisdom for Lasting Change” published in The Change Book Series 2.”

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